‘Divining The Entrails’ into 2 prestigious collections.

My limited edition  book, ‘Divining The Entrails’, has been acquired by both the State Library of Victoria and the National Library of Australia for their artists’ book collections. The concertina book is in an edition of 7 and comprises 20 linocuts exploring the theme of magical thinking in times of existential crisis.

State Library of New South Wales acquires both ‘Caravan’ & ‘Fruitcake’.

‘Fruitcake Finn At World’s End Falls’, which won the TPG Architects Award at the Inkmasters Print Exhibition 2021, has been been acquired by the State Library of New South Wales along with the concertina book version of ‘Caravan Of Despair’.

‘After A Time’ features in Di Carta / Papermade, Italy

My unique state coptic bound artists book ‘After A Time’ is being exhibited in ‘Di Carta / Papermade’, Biennale Internazzionale di opera di carta, at the Museo Civico Palazzo Fogazzaro, Schio (VI), Italia until February 27, 2022. At the end of the show the book will form part of the Commune of Schio’s art collection.